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Michaels Jewelers Orange CT Robbery Friday 11/13/09

At approximately 7:30PM, two men entered the store wearing ski masks and gloves, one holding a gun. Three sales associates and one armed guard was in the store at that time. The man with the gun told everyone to lie down on the floor and all but one were tied with plastic ties around their wrists behind their back. The one who wasn't tied was told to open up specific cases and remove specific items from those cases.

They started with the diamond engagement and wedding rings (all in same area) before moving to the "designer" diamond jewelry cases and removing specific items there. Most of the items taken were "branded" items.. Hearts On Fire, Scott Kay, Memoire, Greg Ruth, etc.. A complete inventory is still being taken and should be known by 11/16 latest.

After placing the jewelry in a bag, they tied the last remaining employee and left the store. It all occurred in a 5 to 10 minute span. one of the employees called Paul Michaels to advise of the robbery at approximately 7:45PM, who went to the store and arrived at 8:15PM. The police were there. The robbers were of black descent, one was short, one tall. They were well spoken (no slang) when giving orders (lie down, remain calm, etc.). One of the men reminded the other (on numerous occasions) to "watch the time, watch the time". Their descriptions are very limited, as they wore full ski masks and gloves.

When tying the armed guard, they noticed his gun and removed it, taking it with them when they left the store. It appeared they were unaware he was an armed guard (he wasn't wearing a highly identifiable guard uniform), as some time had passed before they noticed his gun. I am unsure where the guard was located at the time of the robbery; we request him to be stationed in the vestibule.

All employees were okay, no one was hurt

Police took written reports from each employee and the security guard. They also "swabbed" certain areas for DNA. A few rings (two) were found outside the store, likely dropped during the "getaway".

All associates need to remain vigilant and remember if you are ever in the situation to do what robbers ask. They don't want to hurt anyone- they just want merchandise.




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